Steering Committee News

BTOG would like to say a fond farewell and thank you to Steering Committee members who have recently stepped-down. Matthew Hatton, Sam Janes, Jason Lester, Denis Talbot and Cindy Billingham have worked with BTOG for many years and their contribution and commitment is very much appreciated. Denis Talbot, who has been involved with BTOG since its inception, has joined the BTOG Board of Trustees.

BTOG welcomes new Steering Committee members – Stephen Harrow, Clive Peedell, Shobhit Baijal, Riyaz Shah, Rhiannon Walters-Davies, Anna Sharman, Allan Hackshaw, Neal Navani and Ehab Bishay join us from England, Scotland and Wales and bring their knowledge and expertise in the areas of Clinical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Pharmacy, Radiology, Epidemiology and Statistics, Respiratory Medicine and Surgery.