New Steering Committee Trainees Appointed

BTOG has now appointed the Steering Committee Trainees: Helen McDill  was appointed for Respiratory Trainee Representative and Adam Januszewski  was appointed as Oncology Trainee Representative.

We received many more applications than we were expecting, and every one was of a very high standard. All candidates were able to demonstrate interest in thoracic oncology, experience as trainees’ representatives and commitment to BTOG.

Dr Adam Januszewski is a higher specialty trainee in medical oncology in London and honorary clinical fellow at Imperial College London with an interest in thoracic cancer. Dr Januszewski has a PhD in genomic medicine (of lung cancer) having secured NIHR and charitable support for his research. He has presented his work at national and international lung cancer conferences and has been awarded internationally competitive prizes.

Adam was the trainee advisor on the clinical implementation partnership group for NSCLC for the UK 100K genome study. He is the immediate past chair of the association of cancer physicians trainees committee and national medical director’s clinical fellow. He was appointed trainee representative to the BTOG steering committee in 2019.

Dr Helen McDill is currently a Respiratory Registrar  training in the South-West  interested in specialising lung cancer. She trained at Imperial College, London and started her postgraduate training in London before moving to the South-West. She currently under taking a Interventional Fellow year in Derriford, Plymouth developing skills in EBUS, pleural procedures and the diagnosis of lung cancer.