BTOG Lifetime Achievement Award 2004 to 2024

Each year the British Thoracic Oncology Group (BTOG) gives a lifetime achievement award to an individual who in the steering committee’s opinion has made a significant contribution to the management of thoracic malignancies in the UK.  The award is presented at the BTOG Annual Conference.

2024: Professor David Baldwin

Presented by Professor Michael Peake and hosted at the 22nd BTOG Annual Conference in Belfast by Professor Sanjay Popat.

2023: Professor Siow Ming Lee

Presented by Professor Denis Talbot and hosted at the 21st BTOG Annual Conference in Belfast by Professor Sanjay Popat.

2022: Professor Mary O'Brien

2021: Tom Haswell (awarded posthumously)

2019: Professor Keith Kerr

Left to right: Professor John Gosney, Professor Keith Kerr and Dr Marianne Nicolson

2018: Dr Marianne Nicolson

Professor John Talbot, Dr Marianne Nicolson and Dr Sanjay Popat

2017: John Gosney

Professor John Field (left), Professor John Gosney (centre) and Dr Sanjay Popat (right)

2015: Fergus Macbeth

Dr Jason Lester (left), Dr Fergus Macbeth (middle) and Dr Sanjay Popat (right)

2014: Julian Peto

Dr Sanjay Popat (left), Professor Julian Peto (middle) and Mr John Edwards (right)
2013      Robert Milroy
2012      Tom Treasure
2012      International award for major contribution to Lung Cancer: Frances Shepherd
2012      Greatest impact on lung cancer patient care in last 10 years: Liz Darlison
2011      Martin Muers
2010      Michael Cullen
2009      Richard Stephens
2008      Michael Peake
2007      Des Carney
2006      Peter Goldstraw
2005      Stephen Spiro
2004      Nick Thatcher