BTOG Launches Anterior Mediastinal Pathway

To round out our annual conference, BTOG is proud to have a session focussing on Thymic Malignancies. Alongside updates on treatments (including surgery, post-operative radiotherapy, and systemic therapies) and associated conditions, we are pleased to launch the Anterior Mediastinal Pathway, a new diagnostic algorithm for anterior mediastinal lesions.

Anterior mediastinal lesions are an uncommon but increasingly identified finding. Previously, there has been no clear guidance on the initial investigations and management for these lesions leading to significant variation in practice. The BTOG Thymic Malignancy Special Interest Group has developed this pathway through multidisciplinary discussion and identification of best practice under the coordination of Dr Stephen Robinson and Professor Matthew Evison.

Through this pathway, and the associated review published in Clinical Radiology, the BTOG Thymic Malignancy Special Interest Group hopes to standardise management across the UK to drive improvements in patient care. Additionally, through the emphasis on appropriate use of thoracic magnetic resonance imaging, the group hopes to provide added justification for development of this service throughout the UK.