The British Thoracic Oncology Group (BTOG) is the multi-disciplinary group for healthcare professionals involved with thoracic malignancies throughout the UK.

Our Mission

To support and educate thoracic oncology healthcare professionals, creating a professional community to exchange ideas, information and innovation and to foster the development of research. The overall aim is to represent the needs of people with thoracic malignancies in the UK and ensure they have equitable access to optimal care.

Our Vision

To contribute to achieving survival rates equal to the best in the world.

Our Values


We are committed to achieving our mission and vision.


We are proud to be an important part of the thoracic oncology professional community.


We work collaboratively with other groups who in their own ways are also striving to improve outcomes for this group of patients.


We engage with our stakeholders to ensure what we do is relevant and effective.


We maintain professional independence from commercial organisations.


We hold patients at the centre of everything we do.

Strategic Outcomes


To reach all lung /mesothelioma MDTs in the UK to ensure all thoracic oncology healthcare professionals have access to relevant education and resources.


To be a leader in thoracic oncology research to focus and support the research agenda.


To represent thoracic oncology patients by making contributions and collaborating with others.

Strategic Activities

Make the one-stop resource shop for thoracic oncology healthcare professionals

Identify and communicate with lung and mesothelioma MDTs.

Develop education and resources for trainees e.g. trainee E-news and forum


  • Conference (Flagship Event)
  • Essential Updates
  • Workshops (ad hoc)
  • Annual updates from thoracic oncology international conferences
  • Produce a podcast series on hot topics and recent data releases
  • Essential Updates for New Consultants e.g. Oncology or Respiratory
  • Produce standard slide sets in identified areas of interest e.g. The TNMv9 stage classification for lung cancer
  • Produce Breaking News/Alerts/Press
  • Releases for Changes in Practice
  • Trainee-specific resources including newsletters, Slack channel, dedicated Annual Conference session


  • Establish BTOG Special Interest Groups to complement other external subgroups
  • Ensure BTOG Special Interest Groups report regularly on the delivery of specific objectives
  • Develop a Research Strategy to focus and support the thoracic oncology research agenda
  • Research Group to advise trainees on research proposals
  • Promote and support trainee research projects


  • Make reactive contributions: NICE appraisals; Specialist Statement of Practice; Endorsements
  • Make proactive contributions: Guidelines; Position and Consensus Statements; Comment on Public Health England / Department of Health Policy
  • Support relevant campaigns for equitable access to optimal care and make proactive contributions by commenting on Public Health England and Department of Health Policy
  • Partner with specialist societies / groups / organisations (e.g. Surgeons, Nurses, Pathologists, Radiologists)
  • Engage with advocates by ensuring advocate representation on the BTOG steering committee and making advocate places available at BTOG educational events
  • Recognise the future Implementation of Screening and ctDNA and the importance of BTOG representation
  • Represent all the UK including the devolved nations

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